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Watch the Weekly Workout #29 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Guitar Gym Weekly Workouts: Vol. 4

This week you're going to work on your legato technique and dexterity by way of hammer-ons on the 6th and 5th strings with ideas both in G major and G minor (those are parallel keys!). This scenario, which is played in sextuplets in 5/4, poses a few challenges including stretching, timing, and the most important of all: proper fret hand thumb placement. Once you get this going, you'll have a fun sounding two bar legato run that can be modulated, permutated, and/or mutilated however you see fit.

Take note: The chart is written in 11/4 in 1/8 notes. First, I count in both times in "4" because, well, it's easier. Seriously, it's common for longer meters (both odd and even) to be simply counted in "4." Also, I play both tempos in 16th notes. The chart came out cleaner in 1/8 notes and that's important since you need to be able to read it clearly, right?

Have fun with it!