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Watch the Wide Open E online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Rock Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Lesson Source: David Grissom's Open Road Guitar

In Wide Open E the wide open refers to the fact that there is no rhythm guitar, the bass is just vamping on an E. Since I have only the E bass note that leaves the tonality of the tune up to me, I can make it either major or minor. This particular study I'm going to play primarily out of E mixolydian but again I am going to combine the blues notes, the blues scale and some chromatic runs so that any note on the fretboard is fair game as long as I don't hang on certain notes for too long. I can use those notes as passing tones and it's all cool. I'm going to start off with some of the lower versions of the double stop ideas we discussed earlier in the course. We're going to make it really rhythmic and use the low E string as a pedal point using hybrid picking to play the strings above it. From there I'm going to use a different lower voicing for suspensions and then move up to some more conventional voicings. I am also going to keep the open E string ringing throughout, that is part of the personality of the key of E. From there I'm going to explore some E7 ideas using sus chords and some minor second intervals with some different rhythms I was using earlier on the low E string. I want to emphasize again how you can really use the guitar as a rhythmic instrument and not just about playing melody all the time. This can help us set up a groove in a really great way.