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Watch the 16th Note Phrases online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Rock Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Lesson Source: Robbie Calvo's Power Phrasing

Subdividing the beats into 16th note phrases is going to add an element of technical challenges as well as a host of new choices for note placement within each beat and bar. Don’t worry if you have to start with really simple lines. This is about phrasing lines, not making them complex, just saying!

In the intro video you heard me alternate between comping for one bar on an E7#9 and then playing a 16th note idea from the E blues scale for the next measure. This is a very powerful chop builder, making you phrase tasteful ideas within given time frames and scale shapes. I also chose to phrase my licks ascending through the 5 positions of the E blues scale. This strengthens my knowledge of those scale shapes and forces me to phrase from within them. You may want to try phrasing in twos, one phrase sets the other one up and the 2nd phrase answers the initial idea to a final resolution. This is also known as call and response or question and answer phrasing. We’ll be covering this concept in more detail later in the course.

You could use any melodic device that works over an E7 for this exercise and quite honestly it would be a great idea to set yourself exercises to do so. Work over this track using E minorpentatonics/blues , E major pentatonics, E mixolydian mode, E7 arpeggios etc. Let’s keep it simple for now though and jam over the track together using the E minor pentatonic/E blues scale.