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Watch the Section 2: Jazz Patterns online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Rhythm Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 1

Jazz comping is one of the most important techniques needed to be a well-rounded guitarist. Though not necessarily demanding for the left hand, rhythmic accuracy and variety are needed for the right hand. Once you're solid rhythmically you can start increasing your chord voicing inventory. In this lesson you will learn how to build all four inversions of the min7 chord on the top four strings and learn how to connect them and add moving lines on the first string.
Harmonic Overview
Chords: GMin7 AMin7
Street Key: G: IMin7 IIMin7
Theoretical Key: F: IIMin7 G: IIMin7
Modes: GDor ADor
Parent Scales: FMaj GMaj
Pentatonic Options: GMin Pent AMin Pent DMin Pent EMin Pent AMin Pent BMin Pent