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Watch the Learning Chord Progressions: The ii-V-I and ii-V online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Rhythm Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 1

1. The ii-V-I progression is an important progression in jazz.

2. Start in the key of C with a C chord. Finger the C on the 5th fret of the 3rd string, the E on the 5th fret of the 2nd string and the G on the 3rd fret of the 1st string.

3. Move the notes on each string up to the next scale tone the same way we harmonized the major scale. This is the D minor or ii chord.

4. Next, from the C major chord, move up the harmonized major scale 5 steps to the G, or V chord.

5. A good way to start working through this progression is to play the I chord followed by the ii chord to the V chord and back to the I.

6. Next, start on the ii chord and play ii-V-I.

7. Play the ii-V changes all over the fingerboard using inversions, in all keys. Use inversions that allow you to stay in the same position rather than moving your hand all over the fingerboard.

8. Jazz players usually use 4-note chords, so use the same concepts with the Cmaj7, Dmin7 and G7 inversions.

9. Sometimes, just play the ii-V inversions all over the fingerboard and in all keys.

10. Learn this progression all over the fingerboard, using all inversions using the same approach we have used throughout this course.

11. Remember to internalize the sound.

13. Included in this chapter is a chord shapes supplement to help you identify ii-V-I chords that are related, or that require minimum movement to go from one to the other.