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Watch the Pushing The Minor ii V online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Jazz Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Pushing The Minor ii V is a video guitar lesson presented by Fareed Haque and is sourced from 30 Beginner Jazz Licks You MUST Know

This is another of our licks that sounds complex, but as you break it down it gets easier to understand. Each chord, just like our diminished scale in Lick #25, uses a "leading tone" to each chord, which is just the note 1/2 step, 1 fret, below the root of each chord. The lick walks up to the root of the next chord - A7 - using once again the leading tone, or the note 1 fret below the root to make it happen, then up the A7 arpeggio with a turn on the b9 and #9 (Bb and C), and a walk down back to the 3rd, and surprise!, ends on the 6th of Dm. Remember this note! The 6th on a minor chord is a cool note that all of the greats use again and again. It sounds a little bit minor and a little bit major...and very, very sassy.

So when you play that 6th on a minor chord, everybody goes "aaaah", just like that Girl from Ipanema. The 6th - it's that James Bond note, the secret agent note. This is the note that lets you know, "I may be all wet, but my martini is dry." It’s the note that makes 'em swoon.