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Watch the Barefoot in Rio online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Acoustic Guitar Greatest Hits Vol. 2

Lesson Source: Peppino D'Augustino's Acoustic Poetica

Make sure that you emphasize the melody when you play measures 66 through 69. As I pointed out to you in the music staff, each top note melody in this 4 bar passage lasts 3 beats, so you want to make sure that the melody is not overpowered by the underlying chords. The very last note on measure 75 (Gb) played by the pinky is very important in order to reach the complicated chord on measure 76. The pinky here is used as a pivot finger to move from Ebmaj7th to Abmaj7th. This is definitely the most difficult chord in the tune probably because there is one fret space in between the l.h.middle and ring fingers. Measure 77 presents some difficulties as well because you have to anchor the l.h. middle and ring as you play the ascending bass line with the l.h. index and pinky. The secret words are: practice, practice!! It would be quite challenging to shift from measure 84 to 85 because of the hammer-on performed on the last beat before reaching the B7(b5).

The slide from the F to F# played with your l.h. ring finger on measures 100 and 101 could present some difficulties considering that you have to keep a bar on the 7th fret throughout this transition. Measure 102 and 103 are also quite difficult because of the descending chromatic line in the mid range. Pay attention to the F#7 chord diagram on measure 104, use the proper fingering and make sure that you play the very last note (A#) by performing a partial bar on the 1st and 2nd string-6th fret.

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