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Watch the Up High online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Rock Guitar Greatest Hits - Vol. 4

Up High is a video guitar lesson presented by Angus Clark and is sourced from Essentials: Rock Rhythm Unplugged

The first section features a more accented right hand part than the last example, but the downstrokes still get more emphasis than the upstrokes, so keep it smooth, people!

Keep track of the changing tones in each chord voicing:
Aadd9 to A major - open B string changes to fretted C#.
E major to E sus - G# changes to A on the third string.
Dadd9 to Dm7add9 - D changes to C# on the 2nd string.

The second section uses chord inversions and open strings as common tones, with a less accented strum. Pay attention to the anticipations (chords that come before the downbeat).

E/G# - notice the muted 5th string.
Aadd9 - notice the muted 6th string.
F#min7add11 - muted 5th string.
We're using the open 1st and 2nd strings across the whole progression! Great way to keep your hand from getting tired.