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Watch the Schon's Journey online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Rock Guitar Greatest Hits - Vol. 4

Schon's Journey is a video guitar lesson presented by Angus Clark and is sourced from Essentials: Radio Rock Solos

For this solo, we’re in G major with a progression of G - D - Em – C, simply repeating for the entire solo. This is called a I - V - vi - IV. In this case the V chord is inverted, with the 3rd in the bass (D/F#).

First Lick: All on one string - try it some time. I like the G string; nice and meaty. Starting on the 5th is a fairly safe bet too. Check out the sliding nature of this lick, and the half step bend at the end.

Second Lick: This is a G Major pentatonic played using a 2-string pattern with a slide between the 5th and 6th degrees of the scale in both octaves. Try it sometime, it makes a nice sound. Make note of the recurring melodic device at the end of the lick - it's the same as the first lick just an octave up.

Third Lick: I'm playing a 2-string arpeggio pattern lick using pull-offs. Take your time on this one! It ends with a scalar lick using pull-offs (technique!).

Fourth Lick: Ascending stabs - we're building to the end, so we're getting higher and higher.

Finale: This is the highest note in the solo! There's a long run down to a G and you're done.