Watch the Screamin' Bends online guitar lesson by Gary Hoey from Blues Rock Reactor

This is a great one to have in your blues arsenal, as we're moving into a higher position of the A minor pentatonic scale to get a bit more of a screamin' sound out of it. We'll be holding our bends for three whole beats, also incorporating a stinging sixteenth note riff at the end.

The thing I like about this one is that we're actually starting the riff on the fourth beat before the progression starts, using a triplet that slides to the 10th fret of the B string. This is called the "second box" of the pentatonic scale, which is something that I use quite a bit. We then go the 8th fret of the first string and bend a whole-step for three beats. After that, we'll come down off the bend with another triplet to the 8th fret, then land on the 10th fret, into our second bend for another three beats. We finish up with another triplet leading into our last bend, then end with nice, strong vibrato, muting the strings with your thumb.