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Watch the King Style Bends online guitar lesson by Gary Hoey from Blues Rock Reactor

This riff also uses a triplet feel, and works very well over the I or IV chord of a 12-bar blues in the key of A. It incorporates a nice bend and a stinging pull-off riff at the end that's reminiscent of Stevie Ray Vaughan or Albert King.

The riff is repetitive, which is a real strong part of the blues that I love - just taking a riff and grinding it out. On this one, we have a whole-step bend at the 8th fret of the B string, and our first finger will catch a fourth interval on the top two strings. I keep talking about the fourths because it's so important in the pentatonic blues patterns that you're going to play. Remember to use your thumb to give you some strength and use your second finger to support the bend. Sometimes my first finger will even lay across to keep some of the noise quiet. I'm picking down-up-down with my right hand here. Repeat that three times in a row, and after the third time, we'll go the 8th fret on the second string and bend a whole step, then play a pull-off from the 8th fret to the 5th fret. You can actually use the middle finger of your picking hand to pluck the string and really get the most out of that last pull-off. So try it out, I'm sure it will be a great addition to your blues arsenal!