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Watch the Finding & Targeting Notes online guitar lesson by Gary Hoey from Blues Rock Reactor

Let's talk about targeting the right notes and having some direction in what you're going to play, and how you're going to get there. As we talked about earlier, when you look at the neck, think of the four dots closest to the pick-up as a miniature version of the four dots closest to the headstock. The first thing you should do when learning the neck is master the first three dots. These are the places that you'll be playing most of the songs you learn; they're like the white keys on the keyboard. Let's go through all of the "white keys" together.

Next, I'll show you a trick that will help you target your notes when playing the blues in the key of A. Try memorizing the roots and octaves at the 5th fret to start understanding where things are in that position. Then let's play a blues progression, targeting the 1st chord (A), 4th (D), and 5th (E) chords, looking at different places we can play these chords on the neck. So play some phrases, trying to land on the root note when the chord changes.