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Watch the Berry Riff online guitar lesson by Gary Hoey from Blues Rock Reactor

This is going to incorporate some cool Chuck Berry style bending with some pull-offs and a little bit of a slide in the A minor pentatonic scale. This riff is probably one of the most popular ones that most blues rock players use.

We start with a bend on the 7th fret of the G string, pushing the string up and making sure that I'm keeping my thumb on the top of the neck. This gives me a little more strength when I'm grabbing to bend the note. I also put my second finger on the G string, behind the third finger to give it some support when I'm doing the bend. My first finger is actually laying on the top two strings (B and E) so they're right in position after the bend. I'm also picking in a down-down-up pattern with my right hand.

After that, I'm picking at the 8th fret on the B string, then pulling off back to the 5th fret. Pull-offs and hammer-ons are a huge part of playing pentatonic blues riffs and getting some speed going. Then, we go back to the bend, repeating the combination three times in a row. After the last pull-off, we slide up to the 10th fret on the B string and give it a shake for some vibrato. Take your time, and I'm sure you're going to do a great job!