Watch the Subdividing 16ths online guitar lesson by Carl Burnett from Funk Guitar Survival Guide

The first thing most people think about when playing funk is sixteenth notes, so we'll start there by looking at subdividing and chicken scratching (down and up strokes) while only playing a chord on the 1st sixteenth or downbeat. We'll continue along with the "e" (2nd sixteenth of the beat), the "&" (3rd sixteenth of the beat), and finally the "a" (4th sixteenth of the beat).

You have to pat your foot in time or move some part of your body other than your strumming hand to feel the beat. Even babies naturally move to a beat! It may seem easy, but maybe not easily done. It's very important to use a metronome for this exercise.

In the video, just as I begin to play, I say "downbeats of a 4 bar measure" but it should be "4 beat measure". It's unscripted, live and spontaneous, just stay with me and you'll see how it all comes together.