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Watch the The Fever online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 30 Funk Rhythms You MUST Know

Not only do funk rhythm guitar approaches ride in the same wagon as country, they also share the limelight with another style: disco. Much of the rhythm guitar bag for disco is funk techniques such as octaves, 16ths, scratches, and dom9 & min9 chords. That's all here in Rhythm 23, "The Fever".

Each four-bar section sticks to a tonal center. It's actually "Mortal Kombat" in reverse going from F to D roots, but this time in minor. Moral of the story: Changes in minor thirds up or down is a very cool movement!

Watch the stretch on the min9 voicings. Be sure to fret all six strings clearly so you attain the full effect of this phat voicing. As for the octaves, your fret hand first finger should always touch the lower adjacent string as well as lay over the unused string in the middle to help with muting unwanted string noise and notes. Finally, only play the scratches where they're indicated. Anywhere else clutters up the rhythm and that's not OK for this approach. You don't want to muck up anyone's disco ball vibe up, do ya?