Watch the Lemme Get Up and Do My Thing! online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from 30 Funk Rhythms You MUST Know

Don't let Rhythm 24's title throw you off – this is not a James Brown jam. It's a NOLA groove looking straight at The Isley Brothers and their timeless "It's Your Thing". The biggest challenge here is the fret hand muting when playing the low register riffage on the fifth string throughout. Use the same approach you just worked with in "The Fever". That said, notice how I play scratches on the lower strings with only one attack for higher string on beat four to keep in line with the backbeat. When it comes to the piano chords, try your best to aim your strumming strokes at the top three strings while maintaining the riff and the chords consistency. Before considering throwing your guitar out the window with this one, keep in mind you're playing two different parts at the same time!