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Watch the Week 4: Song Analysis "Something" (continued) online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Songwriting For The Guitar

Here we'll analyze the song "Something" by The Beatles, examining the key of the bridge/chorus and further study regarding the structure of the song.

Intro/Interlude: |F Eb G/D|

Verse: |:C |CMAJ7 |C7 |F F/E|D D7|G Am7 G/B| |Am Am(MAJ7)|Am7 D7|

Ending 1: |F Eb G/D:||Repeat Verse

Ending 2: |F Eb G/D|A/E| To Chorus

Chorus: |A |C#m/G#|F#m |A/E |D G|A |

Descending chromatic bass A-Ab-G-Gb-F-E or just play an A chord

|A |C#m/G#|F#m |A/E |D G|C|

For the bass line that occurs at the end of the chorus-try playing the top part of an open C chord (open G; 1st fret B open high E) and walk the bass notes down from C-B-A-G-F-E. Keep the high strings ringing as you play the low bass notes and this will lead you back to the verse. Or you could just play a C chord.

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