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Watch the Week 4: Song Analysis "Something" (continued) online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Songwriting For The Guitar

Here we'll analyze the song "Something" by The Beatles, further examining the verse. Includes PDF of suggested chord voicings and onscreen captions.

Intro/Interlude: |F Eb G/D|

Verse: |:C |CMAJ7 |C7 |F F/E|D D7|G Am7 G/B| |Am Am(MAJ7)|Am7 D7|

Ending 1: |F Eb G/D:||Repeat Verse

Ending 2: |F Eb G/D|A/E| To Chorus

Chorus: |A |C#m/G#|F#m |A/E |D G|A |

Descending chromatic bass A-Ab-G-Gb-F-E or just play an A chord

|A |C#m/G#|F#m |A/E |D G|C|

For the bass line that occurs at the end of the chorus-try playing the top part of an open C chord (open G; 1st fret B open high E) and walk the bass notes down from C-B-A-G-F-E. Keep the high strings ringing as you play the low bass notes and this will lead you back to the verse. Or you could just play a C chord.