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Watch the Week 5: Lydian Augmented | Blues Solo 2 online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Modal Mother Lode Alpha

The Lydian augmented Mode

Lydian augmented (Lydian #5) continues the exploration into the melodic minor modes as well as put out the #4 thang once again. This mode is built on the b3rd degree of the parent melodic minor scale. The big to-do here is the fact Lydian augmented starts off as a quirky-sounding whole tone scale (1 2 3 #4 #5 b7), but also has a sweet side you'll learn to take advantage of. That inherent yin and yang makes for an abrasive gem in the rough and it goes like this:

1 2 3 #4 #5 6 7

Fingering challenges will increase here - but nothing you can't handle. Double tritones are ever present as well. The whole tone relationship is actually closer than I've already hinted towards. The only difference between the two is the scale degrees in the 6th and 7th area. Lydian augmented gives you a natural 6th and 7th where the whole tone scale knocks out the 6th completely and backs the 7th degree for a dominant feel against the major 3rd.

The Rock Lick
Lydian augmented will have you more aggressively changing your fingering approach. So, be sure to watch for my recommendations in the Breakdown & Analysis videos. You'll dig the Cmaj7sus#4#5/F# that awaits you at the end, which is basically the C7sus4/F played at the end of Mixolydian with all the notes raised up a half step except for the root.

The Funk Vamp
Double tritones, diminished 4ths and quirky fingerings all come with Lydian augmented stacks. Take it slow and build. As for the ending chord you get a Cmaj7#5(#4) to bring down the house with classic Lydian augmented raunchiness.

The Blues Solo
The Lydian augmented blues solo brings some very cool ideas to this course, but the one to really wrap your ears around is the relationship between the major 3rd and the #5. This is a great melodic scenario that if done right, can make this seemingly unhip scale work wonders.

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