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Watch the Modal Mother Lode: Alpha online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Modal Mother Lode Alpha

Hey! Welcome to my Modal Mother Lode course! This course is all about one thing. Well...OK, fine a few things with one very important thing at the center of it all: hearing the modes. All 28 of them (that's right, 28 - more in just a minute).

If you've come this far, you probably know what modes are or at least have an idea. But, just in case you're still figuring them out on some level, the modes are highly usable scales, each with their own sound signature, that exist within an interrelated family made up of seven scales in total. There are four primary modal systems with each one having a central parent scale that all the other scales are built from. They are:

Melodic Minor
Harmonic Minor
Harmonic Major

The Modal Mother Lode course will hip you to many important modal concepts, but the absolute central intention is to get you to clearly hear each mode's tonal identity. Sure, I'll tell you about each mode's formula and give you a very cool fingering approach to work with them, but it's the sound we're after plus a way to identify it. Each one of these 28 scales puts forth an individual sound that must be recognized and digested in order to begin to use them to their fullest potential. To do this, Modal Mother Lode will make use of a concept I call parallel comparison. Parallel in this instance refers to the same root or tonal center. The comparison part is where you play these scales from that common tonal center, in the case C, and compare the sounds to one another. At the while I'll be calling out scale degrees (numerical placement of a note in a scale/mode) to help train your brain to instantly recall this numeric language of modal formulas. It sounds simple and a bit complex all in one. But, trust me, it works! And, the roads I went down in the course to put parallel comparison to work are just plain fun.

Again, welcome! Now let's get to work!

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