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Watch the Using the Major Scale to Play Through Key Changes Demonstration online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Melodic Soloing: Major Scale

12/8 60 BPM
|C |Am7 |FMAJ7 |G7 |C |Am7 |Dm7 |G7 |
|Eb |Cm7 |AbMAJ7 |Bb7 |Eb |Cm7 |Fm7 |Bb7 ||

When a song changes key, simply shift to the major scale for that key in the same place on the neck. Listen for the drums to highlight the key change!

In this demo, I'm playing 0:00-1:04 in the key of C using predominantly Shape 6. At 1:05, when the key changes to Eb in the video, I move into Shape 5 which is in the same position on the neck as Shape 6 of C, therefore continuing the flow of my solo.

It's important to visualize different keys using the shapes so when a song changes key you can effortlessly move to the new shape in the same area on the neck.