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Watch the Phrasing Tips When Improvising 1 online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Melodic Soloing: Major Scale

Some concepts to consider when improvising:
  • Being influenced by saxophone players and piano players in the way that they seem more comfortable developing an idea to become a melodic or rhythmic theme.
  • Playing a motif and setting up a question and answer type series of phrases based around the original idea.
  • Keeping in mind what the track or song is and the rhythm but keeping the overall concepts in mind of space and connecting ideas/phrases.
  • Whatever you play, try to build upon it, so the next idea is related.
  • Likening improvisation to a movie theme.
  • In more specific terms finding where cool bends are, using half step and whole step bends. Experiment bending, sliding, slurring from above and below, using different pick attacks, vibrato, etc.
  • Being aware of rhythm by altering the length of one note out of three. Phrasing variations depending on which note is long and which are short. Staying on one note and varying the rhythm, playing off the rhythm section.