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Watch the Improvising over a Jam Track Shape 3 Demonstration online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Melodic Soloing: Major Scale

Here I'm improvising using Shape 3, key of C. The chords for this jam are: Cmaj7-Fmaj7-Am7-Fmaj7-Am7-Fmaj7-Dm7-G7. The tempo is 120 BPM. Using Shape 3, I created a simple lead melody and embellished it by sliding in from a half step below which gives the notes a jazzy feel.

Shape 3 falls under the fingers in a very logical way, so it’s a great shape for developing an idea. By returning to the original theme throughout, the solo sounds connected.

I also used legato technique picking only the 1st note per string and hammering on the other notes for longer runs which gives a nice liquid-y (if that’s a word!) tone to the lines. Because this jam has major 7th chords it lends itself to that kind of phrasing, so always try to be aware of what the track is suggesting you play, by keeping your ears open.