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Watch the Improvising over a Jam Track Shape 2 Overview online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Melodic Soloing: Major Scale

Here we're making melodies over a chord progression in the key of C using Shape 2 over the rock jam track. Again, the chords are C-Em-Am-G, the tempo is 115 BPM.

This is a I-iii-vi-V in the key of C, therefore all the notes in those chords are diatonic, meaning they are from the C major scale. I'll improvise creating melodies using Shape 2 in the demonstration video then you should try it.

Phrasing tip: Bend to notes that are in the scale. The shapes have some great places to bend half and whole steps. Half step bends such as featured on the D, G, and B strings in Shape 2 are especially emotive. Try bending into a target note, and experiment bending with different fingers.