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Watch the Course Conclusion online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Melodic Soloing: Major Scale

Here's some ways to think about practicing the scale and applying it:
  • Stay in one shape and improvise with it, then move to a different key and stay in the same shape. For example, key of C Shape 5 (starts on a G note), then key of E Shape 5 (starts on a B note).
  • Try connecting shapes and visualizing them away from the guitar, such as in L.A. traffic!
  • A great exercise is to take one position on the neck such as key of C, Shape 1 (starts on a C note) then modulate up a 4th which gives you the key of F, so in that same position on the neck my scale shape is Shape 5 (also starting on a C note). Then modulating up a 4th to the key of Bb and the scale shape would be Shape 2, also starting on a C note and so on.
  • Think of the major scale as a melodic improvisational tool, always try to make music with it.
  • Try to use the scale in different musical applications.
  • And thanks for checking out this course, I really hope it helps your playing!
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