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Watch the Week 8: Triads and Repeated Notes online guitar lesson by Les Wise from Fretboard Freedom Fighter

We start off by extracting triads from our three master structures. A major triad is comprised of the (1-3-5) - major7th arpeggio (1-3-5)-7 and dom7th arpeggio (1-3-5)-b7. Minor triad (1-b3-5) minor 7th arpeggio (1-b3-5)-7. To start using the triads, just drop one note from each structure and you have it. Next, we add a repeated note to our triads to get 4 note patterns using 5-1-3-5 and 5-1-b3-5, while applying different string and finger combinations. Lastly, we revisit our 2-5-1 progression, this time taking a closer look at the point of resolution from one chord to the next. Going from Dm7-G7, the 7th of Dm7 being (b7th=C) resolves down to the 3rd of G7 (3=B). By playing Dm7=1-b3-5-b7 and 3-1-5-b7 for G7 in this case starting G7 on the 3rd not the root, we create a stronger resolution.

As a bonus, you are encouraged to explore other combinations such as: 1-7-5-3 : 3-1-7-5 : 3-5-1-7 : 3-1-5-7 : 5-3-1-7