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Watch the Week 6: Jazz/Blues "Slightly Modified" 12 Bar Blues Progression online guitar lesson by Bob Wolfman from Essential Guide To Jazz Blues Comping

"Slightly Modified" 12 Bar Blues Progression -

Okay, hopefully you've really enjoyed creating your own chord substitutions for the last lesson. In this lesson, we're going to apply the same process, but the basic 12 bar form has a little bit more deviation and a bit more variety. So, let's take a more in depth look.

Here in the 4th measure we insert C-7 to F7 (II -7 ~ V7), then measure 5 resolves back to Bb7. In measure 6, we use Bdim (a passing #IV diminished chord), then measure 7 we have F7 (with the C in the bass). The basic chord forms from measure 8 until the final 12th bar are identical to the previous weeks 12 bar progression. Once again, the homework assignment for this week is to create your own colors using a variety of chord substitution combinations.