Watch the Week 1: Stormy Monday online guitar lesson by Bob Wolfman from Essential Guide To Jazz Blues Comping

"Stormy Monday" -

A true blues classic if there ever was one. In this video, I'm using some different techniques and licks to give you some ideas in terms of styling, flavors, and just to wet your "mind's ear". I threw in some sliding 9th chords, a few fill licks and basically played the standard 9th and 13th chord forms. This version of the 12 bar blues is the first departure from the standard 12 bar blues form. The use of the MInor 7th chord going up chromatically (in half-steps) from B-7 to C#-7 is the signature characteristic of this tune. Play it exactly as shown in the chart at first, and then later on you can experiment and start implementing various techniques and forms you pick up along the rest of the course here.