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Watch the Week 1: Jazz/Blues online guitar lesson by Bob Wolfman from Essential Guide To Jazz Blues Comping

jazz/blues -

This is the next departure from the traditional 12 bar blues, and this is a very popular form for jazz and jazz/blues artists. Some of my students find the II-7 to V7b9 chords a little tricky at first, but keep in mind that you're playing the exact same forms, but in different positions. This is known as "constant structure". You play C#-7 to F#7b9 in the 9th position, then you move down to the 7th. position to play the B-7 to E7b9. Same exact forms for both. I like this one at a pretty upbeat tempo. Also, notice the use of the passing diminished chord which I slide up the fretboard in minor 3rds (every three frets the form repeats itself).