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Watch the Building a Strong Blues Foundation online guitar lesson by Kelly Richey from Building A Strong Blues Foundation

This special course on how to play guitar by blues guitar master Kelly Richey is geared for the beginner to intermediate guitar student. Kelly Richey's Building A Strong Blues Foundation series is an invaluable collection of expert tips and well-guided instruction. Let Kelly Richey teach you finger exercises for hand strength and dexterity, essential music theory for guitar, open chords, bar chords, pentatonic scales, ten foundational blues and blues/rock songs. She'll teach you seven blues songs and give you her "road map" for blues guitar soloing with professionally recorded rhythm tracks to practice with. With this workshop you'll gain the tools to play your blues/rock guitar with power, precision, and independence.

Here's what you'll learn:

  • Learn Kelly Richey's three essential finger exercises that build hand strength, dexterity, and solid connection with your guitar. You'll also learn Kelly's personal hand strengthening exercise that is guaranteed to strengthen every muscle that you use to play guitar.
  • Learn basic music theory, open chords, bar chords, minor and major pentatonic scales, and three classic songs using bar chords.
  • Learn Kelly Richey's unique system for learning bar chords and pentatonic scales. You'll learn how to how to make two pentatonic scales patterns cover the entire neck of the guitar, thus promoting the development of powerful core fingerings for speed, accuracy, and endurance.
  • Kelly Richey will give you the all the necessary tools to play with unmatched power and freedom on your guitar.
  • Learn how to play and begin soloing to "Hey Joe", "Ramblin' On My Mind", "Crossroads", "Red House", "Mean Old World", and "Key to the Highway".
  • This special course includes seven professional rhythm tracks to begin using what you've learned for maximum learning potential. Professional rhythm tracks are provided for each of the blues songs listed above, so you can have fun experimenting, and learning to play with a rhythm section so that you can start playing effective lead guitar solos.
  • NOTE: This course is geared towards guitar students that have some intermediate level skills, but this is also an effective course for any beginning student who is dedicated to learning. Included in this course are bonus videos that teach you guitar basics such as how to properly tune your guitar, change your strings, how to visually view the neck of your guitar into "patterns" so you can easily understand what you're playing right from the start. The course also covers how to develop an effective practice routine designed to take your playing to the next level.