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Watch the Am Blues: Chord Tones online guitar lesson by Rob Garland from Melodic Soloing: Blues Chord Tones

I extracted chord tones from the minor chords in the same was as I have been doing with the dominant chords. The first lick included the b7 bent up to the root and then the 5th of the Am chord. Be aware of other notes that can be added to the chord tones, extensions such as the 9th, the second note up from A, so namely a B. Listen to the way that note sounds against Am7.

Targeting the b3rd of Dm7, the note F taken from the Dm7 arpeggio. Bending into the b3rd from the 2nd, heightening tension resolving on chord tones.

You should be able to play the arpeggios of the chords from any finger in different positions on the neck. Notice how the chord voicing for Fmaj7 (based off an open Cmaj7 chord) gives you the arpeggio.

Targeting the 3rd of the V7 chord, E7 by playing a G#, also the sound of a diminished arpeggio to add tension and make the V chord E7b9.

Ask yourself if a person listening could hear where you are in the chord progression if you were soloing without a jam track?