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Watch the Focus On: Western Swing online guitar lesson by Jason Loughlin from Focus On: Western Swing

Hi, I'm Jason Loughlin and welcome to Focus On Western Swing. Western swing music is dance music plain and simple. It's whole function is to get you up and dancing. It has incredible cultural importance too. It's one of the first truly American musical styles. The way western swing marries Appalachian, polka, Dixieland and the blues shows it to be one of the first successful fusion of styles to create an artform the is undeniably "new world". Tulsa Oklahoma was at the center of western swing. It gave birth to so many bands, western swing musicians and is home to Cain's Ballroom which is famously known as a mecca for western swing bands. Western Swing's reign of popularity ranged from the late 20's the the early 40's but still has a strong following thanks to torch bearers like Asleep At The Wheel and The Time Jumpers. This is a great style for any guitarist to learn. Rhythm guitar alone in a western swing band is a blast to play. As soloists we get uses blues, swing and appalachian improvasational concepts. The course is divided into four sections. In section one we will look at history, popular bands, players and gear. Section two is where we will start to discover our soloing concepts. Together, we'll work through outlining chords, swinging pentatonic, western swing blues, melodic embellishment and altering dominant chords. In section three I'll show five essential rhythm concepts. We'll cover common chords, inversions, harmonic calling cards, strumming and secondary dominants. Then in section four we put all of our concepts to use in four instrumental studies. Each study is focused around a feel or style within western swing. I'm providing you with all the backing tracks, notation and tab for every example. Let's get swinging!