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Watch the Loved Ones online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from Focus On: Reggae Bass

This study has a very basic chord structure, it starts out on the chorus for 8 bars. The opening chorus motif is similar to the R&B song "My Girl". There is a pick-up on the 5, F. Next on the down beat we have the root, Bb, played with two 8th notes. Then we have a rest and the same motif. Next in bar 2 over the F chord we have a melodic line starting on the 5, C. It continues with another 8th note on Eb, the b7, then an F on beat 2. This rhythm is repeated in the second half of the bar. Then in bar 3 we have another motif starting on the 5, Bb going to the 6, C, the root, Eb, then back down to C before landing on the root, Bb, of beat 3. The Eb on the and of 4 is a leading tone into the root, F, in bar 4. In bar 4 we play our first 2 notes, F to C, 1-5, short and follow that with a Bb, the root of beat 3, which we play a little longer. Play these 3 notes as long quarter notes to see how it differs from playing them as written. This whole 4 bar phrase serves as a counter melody, it is so melodic that we repeat it for bars 5-8 to finish out the 8 bar hook.

The verse section starting at bar 9 introduces a question and answer phrase over basically a 1-6-4-5 progression. With the 1st two beats we outline the triad with 8th notes but play the root twice. We end that phrase in bar 9 with an octave down to the root over the G minor chord. We then answer in bar 10 with a syncopated rhythm mixing 8th and 16th notes over Eb, the root, eventually landing on the root of the new chord on beat 3, Bb. We then repeat our motif from bar 9 in bar 11 but with a different answer in bar 12. This time we drop the root and start on the 5, Bb, go to the root, Eb, on beat 2 follow the chord change and play the root, F, and end the phrase on beat 3 with the root, Bb. Bar 13 again repeats the motif from bars 9 and 11 but answers this time with a similar rhythm as played in bar 10 but slightly busier over the Eb chord, swinging the notes before landing on the root, Bb on beat 3. The last 2 bars of this phrase again repeats the motif from bar 9 and has yet a different answer motif but similar to bar 12, the difference are the 2 eighth notes replacing the quarter note on beat 2.

In bar 21 we revisit the A section or chorus with the same "My Girl" figure in bar 21. Then we play a syncopated dropped 1 figure using the root and 5th in bar 22. Again making sure it swings. In bar 23 we repeat the motif played in bar 3 over the Eb to Bb chord progression, also bar 24 repeats bar 4 notes. We introduce a new figure in bar 25 using only roots but create interest with the syncopated 16th note rhythm and the swing, these can not be rushed. Also this bar begins a 6 bar tag, which is when we take certain bars, in this case bars 23 and 24 and repeat them at the end of the phrase. Bar 26 is the same as bar 24 but we have yet another syncopated line in bar 27 again using roots and syncopation with swing. In bar 28 we use a different line over the F to Bb progression this time. We walk up from the root, F, to the 3rd, A in the first half and in the second half start on the root, Bb with a dotted eighth and sixteenth rhythm and end with 2 eighth notes using the 6, G, and the 5, F. In bar 29 we have a slightly different rhythm pattern over the Eb chord, mixing the sixteenths slightly differently and then landing on the root, Bb on beat 3. We end the phrase with a familiar 1 to 5 movement and our Bb root on beat 3.