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Watch the British Ska Style online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from Focus On: Reggae Bass

Next we have a sort of punk rock influenced reggae groove in the style of The Police or other british bands that blended the edgy guitar of punk with reggae influenced drums and bass to create a new sound. We will mix straight and swing feels in this pattern using sixteenths and triplets over a minor groove. The setting here will be E minor, and we start the pattern on the 5, B. We pivot from the 5 to the root E. On beat 2 we change the feel to more swinging triplets using the minor 7, which is D. On beat 3 we return to the 5 before ending the phrase with a couple of 16ths using the flat 7, D and the root E. For beats one and two we repeat the motif from bar 1, but on beat 3 we move to another 16th pattern starting on the open E, which is the root, then moving to the minor 3rd and 4 which gives it a minor pentatonic feel, and finally back to the open E. We end the phrase with an 8th note rhythm using the minor 3rd again, G, and back to the open E where we kind of play over the bar of beat 1 of the new phrase.