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Watch the Latin Chord Changes online guitar lesson by David Santos from Focus On: Latin Bass

The chords in many of the following lessons are A minor, D minor, and E major (or E7). In any minor key, the three primary chords are the one minor, the four minor and the five major or five dominant seventh. There are 8 notes or "degrees" in the A harmonic minor scale. The 8th note of the scale is the same as the 1st note except for the fact that it is an octave higher. The 1st and 8th notes are referred to as the tonic, so A is the tonic of the A harmonic scale! The notes in the A harmonic minor scale are A B C D E F G# and the octave A, also referred to by "degree" as: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 or A is the first degree, B is the 2nd degree etc...

The one chord, A minor, is built from the 1st note of the scale by skipping every other note of the scale. The chord D minor is built from the 4th note of the scale, D, by skipping every other note of the scale, and the chord E major (or E7) is built from the 5th note of the scale, or the 5th "degree" of the scale by skipping every other note. Therefore the notes in an A minor chord are A, C and E. The notes in a D minor Chord are D, F and A. The notes in an E major chord are E, G# and B, and the notes in an E7 chord are E, G#, B and D.