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Watch the Bolero online guitar lesson by David Santos from Focus On: Latin Bass

A quarter note triplet is introduced in "Bolero." A triplet is a group of three notes played inside the length of two of its note type.

For example, in the time it takes to play two eighth notes of normal length, or straight eighths, the eighth note triplet is played. In the time it takes to play two quarter notes of normal length, the quarter note triplet is played. A set of triplets is three notes. They are equally spaced.

A triplet is a specific rhythm, not just a note grouping. The most common example is the eighth note triplet. To help you count an eighth note triplet, try saying "trip-ah- let" for each group of triplets. Or, you might say "one triplet, two triplet, three triplet, four triplet." By feeling and counting the proper subdivision we can place our bass notes with precision and confidence. In 4/4 time there are four even sets of three eighth note triplets in the measure. One group of three to each beat. To feel a quarter note triplet, pat your foot and think of the feeling of four groups of eighth note triplets and count evenly in your head: "ta ta ta" - "ta ta ta" - "ta ta ta "- "ta ta ta"...then continue subdividing like this in your head and now accent every other note as such: "TA ta TA"- "ta TA ta"- "TA ta TA"- "ta TA ta." The duration of each quarter note in a quarter note triplet is the same duration as two of the eighth notes in an eighth note triplet. Learn to feel a quarter note triplet as a musical statement and idea.