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Watch the Static Vamp online guitar lesson by Joe Pinnavaia from Focus On: Fusion

Use of chord forms, pentatonics, triads and chromatics for spicing up static vamps. Here is a ii V7 in the key of G major (A min 7 and D 9). With this performance I will demonstrate some extended pentatonics as well as using some triads and chord shapes for improvisation. I will also add use of chromatics and filling in of the Dorian mode to get that outside sound.
At the very beginning I start with simple phrases built around A minor triad and at 00:21 I dive into an extended pentatonic idea.
It makes musical sense to end phrases on chord tones and resolve the lines to the tonic harmony which is A minor. At 00:37 to 00:41 I use the A minor two string triad shape to build the line out and resolve it.
At 00:45 I start using the extended pentatonic arpeggio - after the first minute I start opening up the phrasing and using triad stacks and some chromatic filling in of the mode shapes.
At 1:58 I am actually using a bit of melodic minor to build some tension over the static A minor section. Melodic minor charts are included in the course materials.