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Watch the SECTION 4: Performance Studies online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Focus On: Funk Guitar

Ready to funk it up?! I sure am! It's time to get down with all the rhythm and soloing concepts covered in Sections 2 and 3 and play. Here in Section 4: Performance Studies, I've put together four jams for you to get your groove on with.

We'll start off with a fun jam called Chock Fulla Pocket, which will have you playing through all the chords we first learned in Section 1. We'll play them within those two essential rhythms you learned in Rhythm Concept 5 and run straight through 16 bars of pure groove. Take note: You'll need to really have your muting techniques together as well as your dynamics.

Next up will be the Hybrolicious Power jam. Weighing in at 16 bars you have a deep I-IV groove intentionally influenced by Chock Fulla Pocket. In addition to the rhythm playing you'll have your first crack at soloing with this horizontal lick-fest. It makes use of a few elements learned in the Solo Concepts section including the two pairs of minor pentatonic and minor blues scales, power wrist and hybrid picking techniques and it begins the conversation about phrasing. The latter is big time important and will be reiterated in the next solo.

The third Performance Study is called Modal Mothership. In the rhythm you'll start to use extended harmonies including m9 and dom9 chords along with various new takes on 16th note grooves. The main soloing ingredient here is the Dorian and Mixolydian modes I dropped on you in Solo Concept 3. Like the rhythm concept connection between Chock Fulla Pocket and Hybrolicious Power, the catch here is I took the Hybrolicious Power solo and morphed it into a modal solo that vertically plays over the myriad iterations of the Am9-D9 changes. So, the phrasing conversation started there carries over here and takes off with some fresh sounds.

For the final jam I give you Thick-As-A-Brick in all of its 32-bar glory. This is where we further build from the previous 16-bar jams in Chock Fulla Pocket, Hybrolicious Power and Modal Mothership both in rhythm playing and soloing. In regards to the latter I add the ultimate funk soloing element: Gritty, thick-as-a-brick double stops including octaves and the never-saw-it-coming unison bends!