Watch the Fret Hand Technique online guitar lesson by Chris Buono from Focus On: Funk Guitar

Once the pick hand is in control of ghost strokes and scratches its time to shift the attention to your fret hand for some muting and note duration techniques that work with both single note and chordal playing. These approaches will help your rhythms sound clean and tight making them even more funky! For the single note approach we'll keep it really simple in Ex. 1 and play just one note - a 5th fret C on the third string just like we did in Rhythm Concept 3. For the chords we'll play changes between minor and dominant voicings in Exs. 2 and 3 focusing on the funky hemiola as well as a common variation. Be sure to take note of the newly inserted sliding chords in each of the second bars. By the time you can get down with these three exercises your rhythm chops will be ready for the jams in Section 4!