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Watch the The IV7 to I7 Change online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Focus On: British Blues

One of my favorite scales, and one that is quite common in the British blues style (especially in Peter Green's playing), is the minor pentatonic natural 6th scale. That's not a very fun name for sure, but it's a great sound. This scale is a little "sweeter" sounding than the standard minor pentatonic scale. Here we are replacing the b7 in the minor pentatonic with the natural 6th. The formula is R 2 b3 4 5 6, and in the A that would give us the notes A,C,D,E,F#. This scale works exceptionally well on all three chords in the blues, giving a nice lighter sound on the I7 chord, and matching the IV7 chord perfectly. I suggest playing the scale over the I7 chord vamp provided in the previous concept. Then, play the same scale over the track provided here to hear it in action over the IV7 chord. The IV7 chord here is D7 (DF#AC), and as we can see the Am pentatonic natural 6 scale contains a full D7 arpeggio. By just changing one note of the Am pent scale we have outlined the IV7 without even having to know an arpeggio. Of course we should know that too...