Watch the Bend That String online guitar lesson by Jeff McErlain from Focus On: British Blues

Bends and vibrato are two of the most essential techniques for any guitar player, they are also two of the most overlooked. For a long time, like many players, I never gave much thought to bends and vibrato. I just did them and never really spent time honing them. Of course this came around and bit me in the butt because my bends were flat and my vibrato was sharp. In the video I discuss the nuts and bolts of vibrato, but I'll tell you here to listen to as many players as you can and focus on the way they bend and play vibrato notes—it's often the defining characteristic of their playing! I can almost always tell Eric Clapton just by his vibrato, same goes for Jeff Beck, and just about every great player. I know I have spent countless hours working on these, and continue to. A fun exercise is to try to emulate some of these players vibrato, this can often inform your own take.