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Watch the Straight p-i-ma(c)-i online guitar lesson by Adrian Legg from Fingerstyle Revisionist: Origins

This is a dead simple backup pattern, each strike falling on a beat or half-beat, a workman-like thing that offers a more musical sound to put behind a song than strumming. Practise it with a metronome to develop a solid rhythm.

If someone else is going to take a solo, or maybe if the vocal line gets more complex, keep the backup going but drop out the ring finger of the right hand to leave space.

On the other hand, we may need to thicken the backup sound but without changing the dynamics, in which case we just add another note on the top of the backbeat by using a block played by the right hand's middle (M), ring (A) and pinky (C).

It's useful to practise alternating the more or less right hand patterns so we can drop them in and out as a song progresses. Keep practising with a metronome so we can spot and fix tempo variation that might happen as we change right hand finger combinations.