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Watch the Getting Some Movement In It online guitar lesson by Adrian Legg from Fingerstyle Revisionist: Origins

The first of these lessons is the original. I put it in the chart again here for reference. In Variation 1, even more miserably perhaps, the bass descends via G, F natural, to Esus4. As you can see, on beat three of bar 1, finger 4 of the left hand reaches over to finger the G on the sixth string as the first finger comes off the C on the second string. In the last half-beat of bar 1, the left hand's first finger nips across the fingerboard to grab the F/first fret on the sixth string as finger 2 comes off the E/fret 2 on the fourth string to get ready to bend down on the C/fret 1 on the second string.

Finger 4 of the left hand gets out of the way, and—important for sustaining—the third finger stays where it is on the A/fret 2 on the third all the way through. Take it slowly and if you build your muscle memory carefully, it will last for the rest of your life.