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Watch the Coging's Glory Section 2 online guitar lesson by Adrian Legg from Fingerstyle Revisionist: Origins

For this section, I've left in the last bar from Section 1. This section starts with a good bash on the last beat of that bar, pulling the piece ahead of the beat at that point. Be sure to give it its full time value as well as the first beat of bar 2 or it will sound rushed. In fact, you can afford to lay back a little at this point before resuming tempo.

Now, take a look at the chart. Feel free to put in the triplets demonstrated in Excerpt 1 wherever you want a little change or lift. Bars 3 & 7 start with a rasgueado, which you can leave out maybe the first time through and perhaps add it in the second time through, laying back a little for contrast and emphasis. As I mentioned, bar 5 hangs unresolved on the C, then resolves and completes as bars 9 and the repeat bar 10.