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Watch the Alternating Straight and 3-3-2 online guitar lesson by Adrian Legg from Fingerstyle Revisionist: Origins

We could get pedantic about the count in the 3-3-2 bar and count it "one-and-two-and-three-and-four-and..." which corresponds to a 4/4 time signature properly, but to understand the phrasing and to get our right hand to work, the way I count it is simpler.

It helps to practise straight and 3-3-2 alternately, switching between P - I- M, P - I - M - A, and P - I - M - A - C versions. As each becomes more solid, we can mix and match between the different variations—for example, dodging between a straight 4/4 P - I - M and a 3-3-2 P - I - M - A - C could be used to cover a break in a vocal line (bars 7 and 8). Bear in mind that the left hand chord could equally as well be a Amajor or Dmajor rather than A7 or D7.