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Watch the Waltz Patterns online guitar lesson by Brooks Robertson from Fingerstyle Survival Guide

Waltz patterns offer a nice change of pace and feel from the 4/4 patterns we’ve looked at. If you haven’t played much in 3/4 time these are good, simple patterns to get you started. First spend some timing focusing on the right hand patterns only, take it one at a time, getting the pattern under your fingers. Once you feel comfortable and can consistently play it more than a few times in a row with no errors, try using a pattern with a chord progression and various chord voicing. After you get a feel for what it’s like to keep pattern going through some chord changes try expanding on the pattern. Try picking out some additional melody notes on the treble strings. See if you can pick out the melody while you keep as much of the pattern still happening as possible. There are endless ways you can expand on this concept, you’ve just got to experiment. This might not be a bad time to get out the metronome either just to be sure things are in time.