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Watch the Waking Up To Dreams online guitar lesson by Brooks Robertson from Fingerstyle Survival Guide

Here is Waking Up To Dreams. I wrote this tune using many of the techniques and tools we’ve been covering. It happened very naturally because I had been internalizing those concepts for so long. The first part of the song utilizes the banjo roll techniques. You’ll be playing three and four finger banjo rolls over various chords in different positions. In this section as you did with harmonics, do your best to let the notes ring out and sustain. The song continues with the main melody utilizing the fingernail click concept. The tune wraps up with a few bars of cascading harp harmonics. The left hand (fretting hand) will be playing a few chords while the right hand (picking hand) alternates harmonic notes and real notes, just like you did with some of the patterns and concepts from the Harp Harmonic sections.

The song is broken down into various parts during the breakdown video. My advice is to watch the performance video of the song at least a few times first to get familiar with the melody and watch what each hand is doing individually.

I have found that one of the most efficient and effective ways to learn a new song is to break it up into small parts, work on those parts one at a time (in order) and then slowly combine all the parts into a whole. Begin learning one measure at a time, working slowly through it. Only after you feel comfortable with each part and you can play it cleanly, smoothly and accurately then move on to the next part or section. Remember you can refer to the performance video and tab for accuracy.