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Watch the SECTION 1: Essential Concepts online guitar lesson by Brooks Robertson from Fingerstyle Survival Guide

Think of all your different skills on the guitar like the foundation and framework of a building. Imagine how important the framework and foundation are to the building's structural integrity. If it’s going to be strong, dynamic, resilient and have the capability of being built upon it really depends on these essentials. My hope is to give you the materials to strengthen and expand your existing fingerstyle techniques or maybe even to help you start a new design from scratch.

Section One is here to provide you with fifteen essential fingerstyle concepts that from my point of view are essential and since I first started playing fingerstyle have been some of my favorites. These will include; left hand techniques like movable chord forms, inversions, dynamics, decoration, as well as right hand picking techniques including thumb and finger independence, basic boom chick patterns, syncopated double stop patterns, waltz patterns, skipping patterns, patterns using your palm and fingernails to click on the strings, banjo rolls, cascading harp harmonics, dynamics, tone and more. This part of the course is really about developing the skills and techniques to begin arranging, composing and playing all sorts of fingerstyle pieces.