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Watch the Movable Chords: Top Four Strings online guitar lesson by Brooks Robertson from Fingerstyle Survival Guide

Here is another example of different, movable chord inversions and forms of the Maj 6, Maj 7, min 6, min 7, Dom7, and min7b5 chord qualities. This time the root will be on one of the top 4 strings of the guitar. Why is it helpful to know where the root is? Well, if you can identify where the root is within these different types of chords and forms then you can play them in any key. All of the examples shown are a great representation of the way chord inversions work. These chord forms sound great with picking patterns, banjo rolls or harp harmonics. I’ve found they also can provide the basis of interesting chord melody ideas when you move between them. Remember this is only a small fraction of chord qualities, inversions and ways to play them on the guitar. Be sure to check out the tab and charts while you get introduced to these new forms. Try all sorts of progressions, combinations and styles to really experiment with how you can use these movable chord forms on the top four strings.