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Watch the Movable Chords: 6th & 5th String Root online guitar lesson by Brooks Robertson from Fingerstyle Survival Guide

The movable chord forms here will serve a number of different purposes. They will be great to supplement your existing knowledge and vocabulary of Maj 6, Maj 7, min 6, min 7, Dom 7, and min7b5 chord voicing, they will also be used to introduce you to exploring chord inversions. What's also particularly importantly in the context of this course - they will give you a vocabulary and colors on your palette to pair with your right hand techniques.

I encourage you to try taking a song or two that you already know and try incorporating some of these forms shown in the video/chart. Note the progression you're using in the song and then try replacing any basic minor or major chords with these sightly more colorful chords. For example if you started with G, Em, Am, D one possible alternative would be G6, Em7, Am6, D7. Try a few different combinations and listen to what changes and what sounds you like or dislike.